Mid Feb. Valentine

I managed to reshuffle my schedule to revisit Adventure Cove the other day and honestly it did no give me enough thrill. Yes it was pretty fun and all, but amidst all the queues and crowds, it took too long to ride the most adrenaline pumping ride and the other rides were pretty mundane as compared to it. Spent majority of my time in the wave pool and the lazy river (with a life vest of course since I can’t swim for nuts). Loving the bikini I got from Taobao though, should put it more to good use and perhaps bring it when I go overseas.


(Some shameless photo-shoot going on) ðŸ˜…

So it was February 14th yesterday, Happy Valentine’s Day! My day was well spent, with lots of good food (going to get fat at this rate). Thank you to Winnie too for the wonderful dinner and company. ☺️

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

What would become of me from here on?

8 more days to end of poly, freedom’s just around the corner.

坂本 美智子


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