25 more days./

It’s the last day of October already. School has started, and it’s so surreal that I’m graduating after this last Semester to go. At this point I really ain’t giving two shits about my GPA anymore, I’m satisfied as long as I graduate with a GPA of 3.0. I often wonder how much of all this am I really even gonna use eventually, only time will tell I guess. I honestly can’t imagine myself working in a research lab anymore after the experience from my intern. Let’s just make the most out of this last Semester and enjoy the thereafter. Speaking of which, am in dire need to work to contribute to my graduation trip funds. I need to pay for my dance classes too, and costumes what not. Bless my soul :\ If only a wad of cash would drop from the sky for my right now. November, production month, I sure as hell ain’t ready for it yet. Consistently reminding myself for what am I even doing this for when every time I consistently feel so beaten down. Dance not to impress, but for someone to remember you. Slow progress is better than no progress, believe in your craft. Do your best in everything from now on, otherwise it would just be a waste of time, be it dance or not.

The consistent heaviness on my heart is taking a toll on me. I feel so suffocated yet at the same time it’s best to just stick to the status’ quo. I don’t want to disturb your life. I shall just continue with watching you from the sides. I hope I get over this real soon.

25 more days, leggo!

坂本 美智子.


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