It has been 3 years since I started dancing, yes there were improvements made or what not but I feel like I have been progressing too slow in terms of dance capability. I’ve seen people get to where I am or even better than where I am at now, in a much shorter period of time and I often wondered what was it that I was doing wrong? Why is it that I’m not progressing as much and as fast as I would like to. I pride myself as a hip-hop dancer but recently I feel like I have been losing the essence of it. I am planning torevisit  my basics and seriously get down to the drill of it be it groove, isolations or what not. 5 months from now and let’s see what I end up with.

No excuses, no laziness, no procrastination. Hardwork is key in this, amidst all the hunger for improvement, constantly remind yourself with the fun and joy you feel when you dance.

I believe in you, you have your friends who believe in you too. Let’s do this! 


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